Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cold Weather is Approaching!

Hey Guys!
Some of you may know that I am a complete health freak. I spend most of my free time learning about ways to maintain good health, along with ways to keep your skin healthy. Because many of my subscribers are male, I do not think they go around researching how to achieve healthy skin, so I will save them the trouble! Here on my blog, I will share some tips to maintain/achieve great skin/health, for guys and girls!

Here are some tips to stay healthy in this cold weather! ( I will keep posting more blog posts as they come up)

1. Increase your Vitamin C intake.
-Either through taking vitamins or sucking the life out of oranges and other Vitamin C rich foods, you need
to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight off illnesses that are very common for the cold season. Don't be mistaken, it isn't the cold temperature that makes you sick like your parents always told you ("Don't go outside in the cold, you'll get sick"). People are actually more likely to get sick in the winter because kids are in school (as oppose to summer) and when you are around more people you are more likely to catch their germs (ew!). Also, because it IS cold, people are more likely to take shelter inside rather than stay outside as they would on a nice day.

2. Wear sunscreen!
-You may not think you need sunscreen when it is cold but the sun has not gotten any less strong just because the temperature is colder. In the winter, when there is snow on the ground, the harmful UV rays are magnified as they bounce off the snow all around you. It is best to wear sunscreen to prevent from early aging and other harmful effects on the UV rays.

3. Wear layers!
-Layers are actually your best friend, use them please. On your way to school you will be facing extremely cold temperatures and you want to make sure you a prepared. By this I mean wear the t-shirt, with the thermal (waffle shirt) on top, with the hoodie on top of that, with a winter coat, gloves, and scarf. Sure, you might look like an oompa loompa with all the layers, but you will thank me later. When you get to school you can shed your coat, gloves, and scarf, but keep your other layers on and shed as needed. I know where I go to school, one classroom can get to be really cold and other can get to be extremely hot.

4. Moisturize
-The cold air loves sucking all moisture out of your skin, so make sure you are prepared! Moisture your face and body after you shower or whenever you wash your face or hands. I know I have extremely dry skin in the winter and it is hard to find products that actually help me. Here are a few I have discovered to actually help.
                a. Bag Balm (yes, it was first made for utters) [It is a vaseline-like substance so don't wear
                             it during the day.] it also works great as chapstick!
                b. Curel Ultra healing lotion (I wouldn't use it on my face because it might clog pores, but
                            on my hands it works amazing)
                c. Eucerin Extreme Healing (it is realllyyyy oily so only apply at night or if you have enough
                             time to let it soak in)

5. Don't take long, hot showers
-This really hurts me to say because I love long, hot showers but during fall and winter my body just can't handle them. The hot water completely dries out your body going from extreme heat to extreme cold and it just does not end well.

...to be cont. because it is now 1:30 am

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